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The Shape of a Unit.

Each unit is different. Each unit has a different shape.  Some of them are straight linear lines, start at point A, pass point B, end at Point C.  Some of them are more root-like, branching off into many different directions. We just finished planning a unit with the big idea of CONSERVATION. This concept suggests a lot of different pathways to inquire down, so we wanted to define it to constrain the inquiry a bit so we can really dig into the Central Idea (which we keep in our mind as teachers but don't share with students). We came up with 4 main aspects of the big idea (in verb form); to PRESERVE, to PROTECT, to USE WISELY, to SPREAD.  We then thought of an example of each, a case study to help understand the concept. These two inner circles will represent the guided inquiry aspect of the unit, where we as teachers can model and assess and make sure the concepts are understood.  The outer circle represents the students own inquiries.  Using the verbs the