Catching the Big Fish

We have been using this simple metaphor with our Early Learning 3 students for the last week or so.

Culture of Thinking

It is a simple visual metaphor meant to encourage students to go a little deeper with their thinking. We used it explicitly while we were making collage all about me.

The little fish were the surface ideas. Simple and to the point. Ideas like, "I put a picture of ice cream, because I like ice cream."

The medium sized fish were adding a little detail on top of the idea, making it represent something more about who we are. "I put a picture of ice cream because ice cream is sweet, and I like sweet things."

The BIG FISH were personal connections, memories that we cherish. They were things that are important to who we are as people. "I put a picture of ice cream because it reminds me of going to the park with my grandparents. We get ice cream and sit in the grass."


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