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Picture Books for Inquiry

Kath Murdoch posted a great list of picture books for inquiry on her blog. Some of those books are my favorites, others I need to buy. As an avid book collector, I need to expand this list. Books are meant for sharing! I spend some time with my books and chose the best ones for sparking inquiry...

(apologies to all you picture book collectors out there, this is going to hurt your wallet)

TSUNAMI! by Kimiko Kajikawa (story about sacrifice and bravery)
Art&Max by David Wiesner (fun story about what it means to be paint)
The Librarian who measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky (what it means to be an inquirer)
The Arrival by Shaun Tan (visual storytelling at its best)
D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths (or Norse Myths, ancient mythology told in easy to follow kid friendly language with beautiful art)
How I Learned Geography by Avi Shulevitz (the power of imagination)
Henry Climbs a Mountain by DB Johnson (a book about civil disobedience and Thoreau)
Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermot (j…