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Live Action Storytelling

In EL 3 we are inquiring into STORIES. Our big question for the week is; what makes a story great? The children had various answers which we were then able to narrow down into a succinct list.

SETTING - the place where the story happens
CHARACTERS - the people involved in the story
PROBLEM - what the main conflict of the story is
FEELING - how the story makes us feel as listeners

Each child is at a different stage of understanding these concepts. To help them experience STORIES at a deeper and more personal level, we decided to do some Live Action Storytelling. We discussed a format that would help them experience a mixture of adult guided instruction, and child directed play.

1) PLAN and DISCUSS - the teacher meets with the class and helps them to organize their story using a graphic organizer. The ideas come from the children, but the teacher question and probes to aid understanding of the main elements of a story.

2) PREPARE - the children and the teacher then discuss how they can set up …