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Cross posted on KIS staff blog, The Lead Learner There is a lot happening when we think. Thinking takes a lot of different forms. The way we define the thinking our students do has a huge impact on the type of thinking they partake in. If the organization of the lesson is unclear, we can expect the thinking to be unclear. We need to make thinking “INTENTIONAL”, for ourselves as teachers, and for the learners. “Being intentional helps us be better teachers – but it is also a valuable disposition as a learner. If I enter a learning experience in a mindful, intentional state – I get so much more out of it. I might remind myself to ‘listen actively’ to what my colleagues are saying or ‘stay open minded’ when I think I am about to be challenged. This ‘moment of mindfulness’ is something we can help our students learn to do. It’s not about completing a task or even about the content of the task….it’s about our intention, as learners, to get the most out of that moment. To notice.” (Kat

Book Review: Learning Stories

Such a wonderful book. Embraces the complexity of Early Learning, but provides a systemic view of how to share learning. An important read for all Early Years educators. I can see the ideas in this book as a replacement to report cards. If done well.