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Some thoughts on Making Thinking Visible.

This post is a reply to a former co-worker who made the following post; I don't think it is a matter of selling it better. Perhaps you could structure it in a different way. First, when trying to elicit thinking, I like to follow the following pattern, which I make explicit with the students; Think alone, Think with a partner, Think with a group, Think as a class. This allows students a chance to formulate their own opinion, which they can then compare and contrast with others. It gives them a space to allow their thinking to grow and be changed by others. It also lets all students join in the thinking, as some children will not have their own thoughts right away, and will rely on the thoughts of others to base their assumptions. This structure forces them to build their own theory, and then let it grow and adapt. Second, there is a lot of thinking in those three questions. Maybe too much for a