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Assessing Understanding: Looking for feedback

With exhibition winding down, I am looking ahead to the last unit of the year. I loved this post  (and am continually inspired by the work of @whatedsaid and @sherrattsam ) about developing rubrics to assess conceptual understanding, and decided to take a shot at it this unit. Unfortunately, I am the only teacher at my grade level and need more critique and feedback to see if I am on the right track. Care to help? Leave a comment below, or email me at click to on the picture to make the images larger Here is the overview of the unit. I am not 100% happy with it, so if you have any ideas please chime in! The central idea seems clunky and wordy. I like the three lines of inquiry, as it opens a space for interdisciplinary inquiry (Society, Geography, History, and Science). Be brutal and honest. Here is the rubric I created. Not sure if I am on the right track. Is it too focused on things they know? Not concepts? Are they too big? Asking too m