An idea: Should I do my own Exhibition

Modelling is one of the most powerful acts of teaching (that, and drawing attention to).

I have been thinking about how to support my students through the Exhibition. One of the ideas I have come up with is to do my own Exhibition to model the process. It would have to be something that I love, and be related to our central idea.

Tentatively, I have come up with the idea of inquiring into Stories, and how they can be used to learn. It is something I love and something that I am passionately curious about. I would love to dig deeper. I would love to structure my ideas into more concrete representations.

Still, I am flip-flopping on the whole idea. I see pros and cons for doing something like this.


  • I would be able to use my own writing as a provocation for improving theirs
  • I could model research, and how to cite others work
  • I could use this broad topic to generate my own lines of inquiry that are focused (since I am all over the place with this idea)
  • I could use the theme to create a presentation that plays to its strengths
  • I would be able to share my learning with them, allowing them a chance to see how they can share their own
  • I could demonstrate what it means to be an inquirer
  • My own struggles and difficulties would be put on display, and they could empathize with me
  • I could keep a reflective diary of the process, encouraging them to reflect on aspects of the process that are important for their own development
  • I might be giving too much away, giving them to clear a structure to follow
  • They might copy my process and not think of how theirs could (or should) differ
  • I might not have the time with all the other Exhibition details to do it properly 
  • It might take my focus away from the people who need it most
  • Should they, as the culmination of their PYP experience, be doing this by themselves?
  • Is modelling in this case doing too much, or should I let them get lost in the mud?
I still don't know. 

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous21.1.14

    Let them get lost in the mud. It's not about the exhibition, it's about the process.

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  3. Anonymous21.1.14

    On the other hand...


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