Go Outside

Moving and learning and feeling the fresh air in your lungs. Is there anything better? I have been watching a couple of the kids in my class when they go outside. They immediately take a deep breath and then run out to play. Some kids just need to be outside. How can we bring the classroom outdoors?

Here are a couple of activities we did outside in making angles and exploring quadrilaterals:

Angle Making Game: 
- everybody stands somewhere in a dedicated rectangle (this is our boundary) in a space of their own
- secretly each student chooses two other people that they will 'track'
- when the teacher says 'go' everybody starts to wander round the rectangle, keeping themselves situated in between the two people
- they can try and keep themselves between the two people in a right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, or any other variation you can think of

Quadrilateral Marching
- make groups of four
- each group of four makes a quadrilateral with their bodies, each person is a vertex
- the group has to march through an obstacle course, in quadrilateral formation
- at the end, someone from a window above takes a picture of the formation
- students take the picture and measure the angles, seeing how accurate they were


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