Settling in

I am still settling into my new life in Germany. Our new home is scattered with boxes, packages, and piles of various sizes. There is furniture to put together, a long to do list of items to check off, pictures to put up, organizing to do, etc. During all this time, we are still trying to just get out the place and enjoy life. Yet, the mess is distracting, and the mind fades back to it. Excitement sprinkled with frustration.

It has me thinking about the classroom. How do our students feel when entering a new room? It is all new, their are different routines, new people to get to know, everything is in different places, pre-assessments, and different styles to cope with. How long does it take our students to get into a rhythm? How long until they are comfortable enough to focus on learning? Do we expect to much during the first few weeks of school? Do those pre-assessments give us an accurate picture of the child, or are they giving us a picture of a child who has yet to find their comfortable spot?


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