Exhibition Re-Boot

I wrote last week about how student excitement and nervousness made us jump into exhibition and brainstorm ideas. They had some great results, and their minds are spinning and reeling with ideas. I thought that we had done well, and that we were ready to keep plowing forward.


As a week long writing task, I asked them to write a 4 paragraph response to the question; what is exhibition? Some of the responses I received were revealing:

  • Its a big project where we get a really important grade
  • I excited to see what my grade is, I hope a get an A
  • If we don't do well, we cannot go to grade 6
  • It is for us to prove to the grade 6 teachers that we are ready for middle school
  • The exhibition is a night where we have to stand in front of a bunch of people and wear nice clothes and give a really long presentation
It seems that the ideas for what to do for exhibition are starting to grow, but the actual understanding of the purpose of exhibition is lacking. The why is missing, and that is something we will have to address before we continue. Looks like we will have to tune our instruments for a while before we can begin to play.

Any good ideas for an activity or a provocation that would kick off an inquiry into the purpose of the exhibition? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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