#pypchat Europe

As summer approaches, this will probably wander from the minds of most (myself included, my canoe calls me) so I will try to summarize. This is the plan to date from the input of many, and it is completely open so please make suggestions. I am positive it will change as we work out the bugs and try and find something that works for most.
  • #pypchat europe will be fortnightly on Thursday evenings, at 9pm (Central European Time)
  • It will start on September 5th or 12th
  • It will be on the same week as #pypchat asia/oceania 
  • It will use the same wiki, the same topics, and the same questions
  • Moderators will be from the European region (thanks to all those who have volunteered, and if you want to volunteer, please contact me)
  • It will be awesome (if we make it so)
Please spread the word.

Enjoy summer.


  1. Have you decided when we will start? Sept. 5 or 12?

  2. Check the Google+ page for more details.

    We have decided on September 19th at 8pm CEST.


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