thinking about making pedagogy visible

Over the last two years, I have made a big effort to make thinking visible.  For the last couple of days I have had this idea in my head about making pedagogy visible to the learners.  Inviting them into the space and rational behind the process of their learning.  Explicitly.  Having them reflect on the pedagogy the class is using.

I wonder, am I already doing that?  Does focusing on thinking dispositions, inquiry process, and meta-cognitive positioning open the pedagogy to the learner?  Is it out in the open?  It is named and discussed?  Do teachers need to explain their rational for the strategies and activities?  Will this allow students to be more self-aware of themselves as learners?  Will it create a space for the teacher to allow the students to alter and affect their explicit pedagogy?   Would it empower students to take control of their learning?  Is this an essential part of learning to learn?

Any ideas?


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