The Island of Ablai (Pt 13)

Pt. 1 Planning

Pt. 2 Creating the Environment

Pt. 3 Money Matters
Pt. 4 Negotiating the World
Pt. 5 Natural Resources and Manufacturing
Pt. 6 Profits and Expenses
Pt. 7 Setting the Price
Pt. 8 Profits and Growth
Pt. 9 Supply and Demand
Pt. 10 - The Role of the Buyer
Pt. 11 - Personal Inquiries - How does google make money?
Pt. 12 - Tying in all Together

Pt. 13 - Sharing your learning

From the previous lesson, I asked them how they could share what they learned about responsible consumers and responsible business.  I gave them a blank slate.  Kind of.

Planning Day

The constraint was that there would only be an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the entire project.  But, they could take as much time as they wanted today to make plans and make sure that tomorrow they were ready.  I broke it down into checkpoints, and each group went through the points.  I must admit that this is not my favorite way of organizing things, but the structure helped them to get organized.  Ideally, I would like to eliminate the need for checkpoints, and have them create their own.  However, with only an hour and fifteen minutes, they needed to be very organized, so these checkpoints really did help.

Checkpoint #1 - What is the big idea of your project?  Create a one line central idea.
Checkpoint #2 - What medium will you use to express your idea?

At this point, each group chose making movies!  This class is in love with film-making, acting, and any kind of performance.  This meant I had to switch up the checkpoints.

Checkpoint #3 - Create an overview of your movie.  How many scenes?  What is the purpose of each scene?
Checkpoint #4 - Take notes on ideas for each scene
Checkpoint #5 - Decide on what roles everybody will do tomorrow
Checkpoint #6 - Make a list of the materials you will need
Checkpoint #7 - Switch with another group, share your idea, and take notes on their feedback

As you will notice, this movie will nto be scripted.  That was on purpose.  We have been doing improv all year, and I want them to make it up as they go.  They have an overview of the scene, a list of the characters, and a main idea.  The dialogue should take care of itself.

We will see....

Filming Day

I love the madness.  I love when I have no idea where a group students is.  I love when they mysteriously return with a fantastic piece of work in their hands.  For the better part of the alloted time, I was sitting alone in my class.  I ventured out a couple of times to look for groups, but I couldn't find them.  I found one group, helped a little, and then left.  For the most part, I was unnecessary.  They did it all themselves.

Just a random wondering; how does your school feel about kids walking around unsupervised doing work (play)?  I know not all schools would allow that.  I have never had a real problem with it here.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  Just let them go.  They also come back with gold.

These movies blew my mind.  The quality was so high.  They thought of angles.  They paid attention to ambient sound.  They planned background and foreground.  Their transitions were smoother.  They didn't cover up the microphone with their hands, or the camera with their thumbs.  Compared to the beginning of the year, it is just, clean.  Nice and clean.  Their skill as film-makers has grown so much.

Sorry, I have a policy not to show any of my students faces or names on this site, so I can't post a link to the films.  If you know me and would like to see it, please email.


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