The Island of Ablai (pt 1)

Pt. 1 Planning

I have been excited for this unit all year.  Since I first pitched the idea at the beginning of the year.  It finally started today.

Central Idea:  
The economic choices we make effect how a society operates    

Investigation points:    
- People’s economic choices can affect the lives of others
- Economies can range from simple to complex
- Many factors drive an economy

I am not completely satisfied with this outline, but it is good enough for now. It gives us a pretty good breadth of space to explore. It is not a typical unit of inquiry. It will be structured a little different, but I hope that the affordances of this style suit the theme and topic.

This is what I have planned:

- as a group, we will create a world, a self contained economy (possibly on an island)
- we will determine the different parts of life on that island that compromise the economy (what do people do, what do they buy, what jobs do they do)
- once we have negotiated all the different parts of the economy, we will start a simulation, seeing how that economy runs
- once the simulation gets into a groove and running efficiently, I will provide shocks to the system to see how it changes

(Shock #1 - Supply and Demand)
- one of the products in our economy gets really popular, really fast

- how does that change the supply of demand of other products, industries, etc.

(Shock #2 - Raw Material Shortage)
- A terrible storm has ravaged the mine where the islands steel is created
- What effect will this have on the economy?

(Shock #3 - The School Issue)
- Certain members of the city are demanding larger increases in spending on education
- What does this spending do to the economy of the city? Is it worth it?

(Shock #4 - Innovation)

- a new invention is released onto the market
- how does this new thing change what we already have?

I have no idea how this unit will unfold. We are literally making up the rules as we go. It will emerge from the group, and it could grow in any direction, be anything. I hope to blog about it every step of the way.


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