Finding out is so much fun

We have been working through our Inquiry into Inquiry.

The first stage was Tuning In.  We looked into famous paradox's.  We got a sense for what we know what else we need to know.  We were ready to start digging and investigating.

Next, we started our Finding out stage.  We have been stuck here for about 3 weeks.  Not because we are failing to Find out anything, but because finding out it so much fun.  I guess stuck is a bad word.  We have been reveling in this stage.  The thrill of learning new things, of using our hands, of researching.  We can't stop asking questions and there is so much more we want to know.

We will eventually start sorting out, but for now, let's just enjoy this feeling while we can.

The thrill of the hunt.  The high of discovery.

Let's just hang out here for a little while longer.


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