The Tale of Despereaux

I love this book.  By far one of the greatest read aloud books for a class.  Any age.  Simply stunning.  DiCamillio is the best children's author alive today.

They were so emotionally invested in this story.  So attached to the characters.  A few of them were wiping back tears at various points, tilting their heads to hide their emotions, but feeling them all the same.  They were not tears of sadness, but tears of happiness.

As a group, we tracked all the characters to keep it organized.  We plotted out the plot so we can see how the author used time as a literary device.  We spoke and wondered about what would happen.  We made inferences.  We were completely absorbed in the book.

The teacherly thing for me to do now would be to get them to write and reflect, extend the stories, write a letter to the author, draw pictures, write a review, etc.  But, I'm not going to.  I'm just going to let it sit there.  I'm going to walk away.  Let it be just what it is.  A great story that touched their hearts.

"Just so," says the threadmaster Hovis, smiling, "just so."
And, reader, it is just so.
Isn't it?


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