Visible Thinking Update

I haven't posted a Visible Thinking reflection in quite some time.  That is not because I haven't been using them, but rather because I have been repeating the routines.  At the moment, I am not introducing any new routines (though I will do one this afternoon so be on the lookout for that reflection).

Some observations:

  • Much easier the second time, especially with the ones that are simple (See, Think, Wonder or Looking Times Ten or Sentence-Phrase-Word)

  • The ones that are more complex (Chalk Talk, Concept Mapping, The 4 C's) the students don't recall as easily (though that will improve with multiple doings)

  • The students enjoy them!  They love the structure and they love to talk about how they are thinking

  • The students don't use them unless I set it up, I have seen no instances of self initiated strategies

For me as the teacher, using these routines has had the interesting benefit of allowing me to create routines on the fly as we go, that are tailor made to our circumstances.  The other day we were searching through self-portraits for our own bi-annual self portrait (for the school tracking folder) and I quickly created a thinking routine that would guide us.  I had the kids say something they like, and something they wonder about each famous self portrait they looked at.  This was wholly inspired by my Visible Thinking investigations.


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