Taking the PYP Forward

I can't tell you how many times I have been recommended this book.  For the last two and half years it has been sitting on my shelf.  Whenever it was time to grab a new book, I passed it over, always telling myself that I would eventually get to it.

Perhaps it was because I moved from a PYP school to a different curriculum after 3.11 and it didn't feel necessary.  Or maybe it was because I have been swamped with books and articles from my M.Ed and my mind was just elsewhere.  

Whatever the reason, I am finally getting around to it.  Next year I will be re-joining the PYP community at a school in Germany and I hope to get back into the flow (and speak the language more fluently).  Over the break I hope to get to a chapter a night and reflect on each as I go.  That is an optimistic goal, one that I know I won't be able to keep.  The holidays are a busy time and two and half weeks will fly by.  We shall see.

My initial impressions of the book, having only looked at the cover, scanned the table of contents, and read the introduction and contributors page are:

- there is a great diversity of voices present; from consultants, academics, administrators and teachers

- the range of topics looks broad; ICT to Reggio Emilia to organization culture and beyond

- I have a problem with the term best practice, and it has popped up several times and I haven't read the book yet; best for whom?  Where?  When?  What is best for one may not be best for another...

- There seems to be a general arc to the book, starting with Inquiry as the foundation and zooming in to more specific topics

My biggest wondering about this book is this; what does forward mean?  Are we talking about time?  Development?  Evolution?  It is interesting title for the book, and I wonder to what extend the answers will be embodied in the content.  

Where is forward?

Looking forward to reading this!


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