Metaphors, Networks, and Curriculum

Well, my latest semester has come to a close and I am free of studying for another month!  I love it, I truly do, but the breaks are vital....

This term we had a wonderful professor and we tackled an interesting topic; curriculum.  There are so many different ways of viewing what curriculum is, and so many problems with viewing it those ways. My conclusion, there is no perfect answer.  There is no perfect curriculum.  It needs to be emergent and it needs to be based on the needs of the people who matter most; the students.  Easy to say.  Hard to put into practice!

I was introduced to (or studied in more depth) some thinkers in this course who really opened up my view of curriculum.

Bill Pinar.
Ted Aoki.
William Doll.
Maxine Greene.
Paulo Freire.

It is really an amazing field so many interesting and diverse ideas.

We talked a lot about metaphor, and how those embodied metaphors we carry with us impact our official documents and the feeling and tone of the classroom.  Now, I can't help but noticing the language of business and capitalism all over educational materials and literature.  It is everywhere.

For the final paper I attempted to merge three metaphors into a view of education.  It is not the view of education, but rather my view.  These are the metaphors I use to look at these crazy ideas we call teaching, learning, and knowing.  It was a lot of fun.  I learned a lot.  I read some great stuff.  Challenged myself in new ways.

Now I'm ready for a break!

Would love feedback if you have time to read the whole paper.

A Different Shape for Curriculum; C Dwyer 2012


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