Visible Thinking; I used to think... but now I think....

Context: Studying health, nutrition and fitness; we had a Yoga PE lesson.  Most of the kids had never done Yoga before, some had, and a couple do it regularly.

This is the simplest of Making Thinking Visible routines, just fill in the blanks and finish the sentence, or maybe even turn it into a paragraph (or a whole essay for older kids?).  Yet, it is one of the most powerful.  Before we started our Yoga lesson, we brainstormed words that we associated with our conception of Yoga and wrote them on the white board.

Then, we followed along with the Youtube video and did a thirty minute workout.

After the workout, we caught our breath, had a drink of water, a little mediation time, and then we brainstormed a new list of words that we thought about what we just experienced.

Great routine.  Really put into perspective what they thought at the outset, and how it changed after the activity.  I loved that we did something physical also.  This was my first attempt to link the Visible Thinking routines to PE, since I don't normally teach it.  Hopefully the kids are beginning to see how these strategies cross disciplines and apply to all parts of life.

Some of my favorite reflections:

  • I used to think Yoga was calm and relaxing, but now I think that my body hurts and I am tired.

  • I used to think I would feel squishy after, but now I feel only pain.

  • I used to think it was like meditation, it would calm my body and mind, but now my back hurts and I can't think because I am tired.

  • I used to think that Yoga would be my favorite, but now I think it is my third favorite (1 is golf and 2 is ballet)

  • I used to think it was fun, but now I think it is torture.


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