Editing Ferris Wheel

Context: We are researching what all those things on Nutrition diagrams are and creating an e-book about them using iBooks Author.

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Continuing from yesterdays ideas on group writing, today we tried some group editing.  There was a two-fold purpose to this; firstly, I wanted them to read what others had written in their research projects.  This was a good way to share what others had found and learned.  Next, I wanted them to work on editing and give the book a more uniform voice.

We had ten people in a group, and started by editing our own, then passed it around the circle.  Each person found small mistakes or made slight improvements.  It was amazing to read the what the kids found, and you could see different strengths and weaknesses combining to create a product that only a collective could. Some students were good at noticing the Capitalization, others were great with using commas.  Some had a sharp eye for spelling, while others were good at questioning whether the sentence actually made any sense.  The end result was a rewrite of our original work, this time with the input of ten other brains, not just the teachers.  And to be quite honest (and I worked in editing for a brief time), they did way better then I ever could have done if it were just me on my own!

The whole really is stronger than the sum of its parts.

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  1. Heisz Nation20.11.12

    Great idea about using iBooks Author!
    There's a good chance I'll borrow that.


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