Teapots update...

The project is going very well.  We have used this idea to invesigate the following mathematical concepts and ideas:

  • surface area

  • perimeter

  • characteristics of 2D shapes

  • characteristics of 3D shapes

  • google sketchup

  • measurement of 2D and 3D shapes

  • volume of 3D shapes

  • 3D drawing

  • building 3D models

And we still have to investigate....

  • 3D perspective

  • 3D nets

  • artistic design

  • company logos and sustainable packaging

  • shipping options and cost analysis

  • shipping routes and measuring distance on a map

It has been a fantastic way to start off the year.  We are zooming in and out of the project, working on it for a while and then stopping to fill in the blanks.  When we are zoomed out, the kids are super engaged because they know that what we are studying has a purpose and a goal; to get this box made and shipped.  They make the connections themselves and they explicitly figure out why we are doing what we do.

This weekend I bought another teapot.  We have three groups working and I decided that they all needed to ship to somewhere.  The newest teapot is going to Indonesia, to @jasongraham99.

Almost there!  Expect a blog post when it is all done....


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