Reading Time

This is something new I am trying this year.  I am trying to encourage independence, time management, and a love of reading.  Each week on Thursday morning, after our reading period in the library, the kids get 45 minutes to an hour to work on the following reading related checklist.

The first couple weeks I found were scattered and they had difficulties talking about books.  I wanted deeper conversations than, I like it, or it was really good because it was funny.  So, last week I introduced four colored boxes to talk about books.

For each interaction, Voicethread (oral self-reflection), talking with friends (oral sharing), and summary writing in journal (written reflection) I expect them to choose a box and keep their discussion limited to that one theme.  So far, it has been working and I find the conversations much deeper and focused, and the writing is much more personal with more connections.

But, by far my favorite part of this has been the do whatever you want graffiti wall.  Their is no rule here, just that you have to capture a snap shot of your book that makes sense to you.  It is out in the hall outside my room and it looks beautiful!


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