What type of learner are you?

I first came across this video (in an educational context) from a workshop I attended at OISE on gifted education.  We were to watch the clip while pondering; which one is gifted?  We wrote our rational and then had a discussion with our groups.  The only rule, was we HAD to chose one, and then back it up (even though choosing only one is next to impossible!).

I plan on showing this to my students later today.  I will give them the following graphic organizer, and ask them to jot notes about each character and how they are similar to, and different from, themselves.


Peanuts Learning Styles (Download PDF here)

Possible Variations or Extensions

  • Write a self-reflection from one characters perspective about the how the book report turned out

  • Compare each of the characters to other people you know

  • Imagine you are the teacher, and give feedback to each student on their book report

  • Which one do you think you would get along with best?  Why?

  • In groups of 4, create a situational drama presentation with each of you as one of the characters

  • What do you think these kids will be like when they are adults?  Why?

  • Rank them from 1-4 in the effectiveness of their strategies and debate your choices

  • Draw your own peanuts comic strip with all four characters in it

If you have more ideas please leave them in the comments!

My own personal reflection; I am (or I used to be) a mixture of each of them.  When I was young I was just like Charlie Brown, I used to wait to the last minute and procrastinate!  I grew out of that in part, because having a young child means I have to get things done when I have free time.  I am also very similar to Linus.  I like reading a myriad of different perspectives, and I like to complexify issues, not simplify them.  I used to be a simplifier, but my readings into self-organization and complexity science have expanded my view of the world.  As for Schroeder, I might not be musical, but I am a dreamer and I like to let my mind wander where it will, regardless of the task I am doing.  I reinterpret problems and questions in my own way, and take my learning where I want to go, which is not necessarily the same direction as the instructor or teacher intended.  I have always been this way, and I hope I always am.

I am nothing like Lucy.



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