Play with it

A friend and classmate of mine made an interesting comment on our course discussion board:
Hey you ever ask your students about what they are working on? What if we only asked them what are you playing with? Might we get a different answer or attitude towards it? I might try that from now on and see....

I like this.  I am trying to be more aware of the language I use in class and how it changes the context, especially since none of the kids in my class share a common country of origin and are all from different cultures and backgrounds.  Play might become my new verb instead of do or work.  Instead of saying, what are you working on?  or even what are you doing?  I think I may try something like, what are you playing with?  Did you finish your playing?

Play, even when it is not fun, is always more enjoyable than work.  Work is something that somebody else tells you to engage with, it is play when you chose to engage with it.


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