Art in the Classroom

For my coursework, I had to do a presentation on Elliot Eisner and his evaluation model of connoisseurship and criticism.  While researching the topic I came across this image about using arts in the classroom.

I love the message that this simple circle is suggesting.  It is saying that it is not just a fun way to work, but an integral part of how human beings adapt to and make sense of the world.  Art is important.  Not just to develop empathy, but for cognition.  It helps us grow smarter.

That being said, this diagram is pretty boring, and not very artistic.  So, I spiced it up a little.  I tried to keep all the content exactly the same (made a couple little changes for flow and aesthetics) but the overall feeling is the same.  Download the PDF Arts in the Classroom, or watch the Slideshow below.



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