Teacher as co-inquirer

We are currently studying culture in G56, so as I always do, I am being an inquirer myself and re-reading an old book from my shelf.  I hope that this re-read will kick off into a new book that I have never read before.  And from there my personal interpretation of culture will grow richer.  I hope it grows richer every time I teach a unit on culture through my career.  I hope to never stop learning and the day that I lose that spark, is the day I should leave this job.

I was thinking about this the other day.  I am inquiring into culture on a completely different level from my students.  They are focused on the tangible aspects of culture and connecting dots into larger ideas, while I am looking at it from an evolutionary and psychological perspective.  We seem to inquiring into very different levels of culture.  Yet, as I blogged about earlier, these levels are nested and implicated in each other.  I continue to push my thinking on the origins of culture and the collective sensibilities that inhabit it, while the inquiries that I do with my students help to solidify my own grander theories.  And yet again, my historical learning finds its way into the classroom and helps them to understand the finer details.  The system feeds itself.  They are growing and co-evolving together.  They are part of the same whole.


I love learning.


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