Spinning round and round...

I am swamped with work; I am starting a new unit, I have several things on the go in my class that demand a great deal of my time, I have a three-year old boy, I am finishing up a course for my M.Ed and have two papers due in the next two weeks, I am trying to plan my summer travels and vacation, etc.

Despite all this, I took an hour our of my schedule to join in the #PYPchat.  It was a wonderful experience and I am glad I did.  I am someone who prefers long conversations, but the quickness of the messages forced me to think much quicker.  It was surprisingly invigorating.  It was great to share ideas with so many other teachers from the comfort of my home and pyjamas.  It was interesting how I could maintain several side conversations while still participating in the whole.  As someone who is interested in and currently researching the role of Collectives in education, this was a powerful experience.

Back to work.......


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