Mem Fox and Writing

Our elementary school had a Skype with Mem Fox this morning.  She is amazing with kids and we had a great time.  They asked some great questions and she had some even better answers.  She even gave us a preview of her latest work, but swore us to secrecy!

A couple of things she said that I loved:

  • reading levels are ridiculous things.  You read because you love something and want to find out more about it, and write because you want to tell a story.  I couldn't agree more.  Read what you love, and love what you read

  • graphic organizers and plans stifle creativity.  It is like putting yourself into a prison.  Let go of them and let the story come out of you, let the ideas emerge from your soul, and get your ideas down on paper

  • writing is difficult, it is stressful, it is frustrating, and sometimes it is not very fun; you continue through it because you have a story you tell and you are passionate about the story

  • if you are not a reader, you cannot be a writer



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