Complexity Science and Education

I am currently do an M.Ed in Education with the University of Calgary.  The focus of our studies is Mathematics for Teaching (what math does a teacher need to know in order to be an effective teacher?).  An overriding theme within the course however, is taking the ideas and principles of Complexity Science, Chaos Theory, and Emergence to a classroom and to education as a system.  The paper below is a culminating work for our course on the Knowing, Learning and Teaching.

I would love feedback or to have a discussion via Skype is anybody is interested.  Please contact me.  And please note, that these are just my personal metaphors for education, and reflect how I view the world, teaching, and schooling.  I am not suggesting this is the right way, but rather it is one of a multitude of possible ways.  I celebrate and encourage all styles and sets of metaphors.

It Makes Complete Sense to Us


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