In a sense, Didactics is the study of how to transform utilitarian disciplinary knowledge into learnable disciplinary knowledge .

... which involves (among other elements)

  • mastery of explicit disciplinary knowledge

  • strong sense of where learners fall apart

  • wide range of responses to student difficulties

  • awareness of implicit associations (PCK)

  • a willingness to be improvisational

  • an attitude of willingness

  • vertical and horizontal connections between curriculum

  • a responsibility to knowledge and a responsibility to individual students

Within the category of pedagogical content knowledge I include, for the most regularly taught topics in one's subject area, the most useful forms of representation of those ideas, the most powerful analogies, illustrations, examples, explanations, and demonstrations – in a word, the ways of representing and formulating the subject that make it comprehensible to others.

– Lee Shulman, “Those who understand” (1986)




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