Central Idea Surprise

After reading a wonderful discussion on PYPthreads, my own musings on the subject, and having some great discussions from Edna; I have decided to try something different with my next unit.  Instead of revealing the Central Idea at the beginning of the unit and then trying to deconstruct and figure it out it, I am going to keep it hidden, and then have the students try and work it out and  together the threads to see if they can create their own central idea.

Through-out the unit, they will be writing their ideas about what the central idea is, and then continually updating and revising them.  At the end, I will show them what my central idea was, and have them compare it to theirs.

Not sure what will happen, but something will.  There is so much to learn from taking risks and trying something new.  I tell my students this all time.  I may as well embody it.




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