Face to Face

This a nice little activity I picked up from a Paul Ginnis workshop.

  • Students sit with a partner and choose who is A and who is B

  • Person A,  grabs a clipboard and a pencil and sits with their back to the screen; person B sits in front of their partner, facing the screen

  • Teacher puts an image up on the screen

  • Person B will explain to person A what the image looks like; Person A will draw the image

  • RULES!

  • Only use words, no hand gestures of any kind; sit on your hands!

  • No looking at, or showing the paper until finished

  • Person A, no turning around and looking

  • Both A and B are allowed to talk, and ask each other as many questions as they want

Very effective for Geometry, shapes and oral explanations.  Also useful as a diagnostic to see what students already know.


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