Moving Learning into the Stone Age

This post is inspired by a wonderful post over on What Ed Said.  Thanks Edna for some inspiration!  Keep up the good work, I am a fan of your site.

We will be starting a UOI on Ancient Civilizations in the coming weeks.  I sat down with myself and I, and we had a bit of a brainstorming session.  We decided that we need to move the unit back to the Stone Age.  I looked at the old unit plan and re-tinkered it to meet our modern, past tense focus.  The only way to go forward is to go really far back.

What has changed?

They used to...... use Lego to make a stop motion video about what a day in the life of an early human was like.

Now, we will go outside for a day and live it.

They used to..... use timetoast to create a timeline retelling the history of their civilization.

Now, we will find a large rock, make our own paint, and tell the story through cave-painting art.

They used to..... use Google Sketch Up  to make a 3 dimensional model of an ancient dwelling.

Now, we go out into the woods, gather materials, and build it ourselves.

They used to.....  do online research into what ancient tools were, and then make a Prezi to send to University Anthropology professors for feedback.

Now, we go into the woods and use trail and error to find the best way to make tools.


Context is everything.  I use a lot of technology and I am willing to have a go with any new tech tool and see if it works for my group of kids.  We make a lot of films.  We do a ton of photography.  We Skype with classes from all over the world.

Sometimes, however, it just feels good to go outside and get dirty.




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