Henry Climbs a Mountain

I found this picture book in a second hand store in Canada for about 0.50 cents.  It is the story of Henry David Thoreau, and how he spent a night in jail in protest over the governments acceptance of slavery (he didn't pay his taxes).  The artwork is brilliant.  It is very cool to see how the cell transforms from a plain white space into an area of natural splendor.  I personally love Walden and Civil Disobedience, and it is great to see the general philosophy from those books brought to a level that young children can understand.  There are a lot of big ideas to chew on in this book as well;

Is it right to break a law that you feel is unjust?  Does everybody have the same perception on what unjust means?  What do you think unjust means?  Did he accomplish anything by going to jail?

Henry Thoreau is a colorful and interesting character, and we will certainly come back at some point this year and make some more connections to him.

If you are working in a PYP school, and have a UOI on laws, society, fairness, equality; this is a great conversation starter.


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