Thank you to Skype and GoogleDocs

I would like to send out a sincere thank you to Skype and GoogleDocs. You have made my life easier. The collaboration at our school has increased in quantity and quality since we started using these two platforms as a form of communication. We are more organized, better versed, and ultimately, our students benefit. However, that is not why I would like to thank you. My reasons are selfish.

You see, my wife is a University student, studying a psychology degree at an open university in Canada while we live in Japan (she has her own reasons for thanking you). Everyday, because of Skype and GoogleDocs, I am able to go home at the same time as the kids do, and take care of our son while she goes to the library. While at home, I communicate with my colleagues on Skype, and edit documents, plans, and reports on GoogleDocs. It feels as if I am still at work, though if I need to take ten minutes to change a diaper or read a book, I am able.

Under normal circumstances, I would be stuck at work until 5:30 or 6:00. My son (who is two) goes to bed at about 8:00. That means I would only get two hours with him. Now, I get a full four hours everyday, I get to be there for dinner, bath and bed-time. The time we spend together is what motivates me to do a better job for my students. I am thankful for this time I get to spend with him, and for that I have my colleagues and these two platforms to thank.

So, from a father of a two-year old, I say, Thank You.


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