Math and Cheese

Since earlier in the week I have been obsessed with melting cheese in microwaves.  I haven't actually done it, but I have been watching videos of others doing.  Dan Meyer posted a great series of ideas and lessons, and it got me thinking. Here is the link to all Dan's work Great stuff!

[WCYDWT] Cheese Blocks — Cheese Cubes from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

As a class we watched the video. The kids though it was amazing and it opened a floodgate of questions. I teach grade 4/5, and we working out fractions at the moment, so I turned it into a fraction problem that we worked through as a group. They worked in groups and made a poster showing their strategies. Here is a link to our GoogleDocs Presentation where we recorded some of our work as a way to debrief after the lesson.

At the beginning of this year I ave each of students a small notebook that they could stick in their pocket with a little golf pencil attached to it. I asked them to write down anything that made them wonder, or strange questions they had. It started off wonderfully, but has been slowly disappearing and interest in the book has been waning. This video however, perked a lot of ears up.

Thanks Dan. Keep up the good work.


  1. Clever use of the multi-link cubes. Yellow, no less. I love it.


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