Japan Update #2

We things are slowly stabilizing in our area of Northern Honshu.  We have a steady trickle of food coming into the supermarket with essentials (milk for my baby is my main concern) if you are willing to brave the long lines in the morning.  Even still, there is a limit to how much you can buy.  We are remaining calm and never buying more than we need.  Everybody needs to work together to get through this.  Panicking and hoarding will only make matters worse.  I was outside watering my tomato plants and I saw kids playing and families washing their cars.  Still, a sense of urgency and pain in beneath it all.

I have been very disappointed with the foreign media.  They are making the situation worse and taking attention away from the area of Japan that needs it most.  I have also been talking with members of the Aomori government, trying to get someone to open up the village to refugees who have no home.  From my early contacts, wheels are in motion but I will not hear until next week what is being done.  My wife and I have a standing offer that our home to open to anybody who wants to come and live with us, for as long as they need.  I hope bureaucracy does not kill the generosity of good people who care.

In other news, all of my students have gone back to France.  I do not begrudge their decision and I wish them the best of luck and happy journeys.  I hope they return, but if not, I fear I will be without a job come summer.  That is on my mind but I at the moment I am still focused on doing what I can to help those who were not as lucky as us.  Jobs and such will work itself out in the end.

I have chosen NOT to leave Japan (unless I lose my job!), NOT to panic, and NOT to promote fear mongering that the foreign media is selling.  If I have to leave because I am unemployed, I will return one day so my son and live here and be proud of where he is from.  Thanks to all the hard workers on the Twitterverse who are alliterating the fear (Ken Mogi!).  Japan will rise again, bigger, stronger and faster than ever,  This much I know.  My passport says Canada but my heart will always be in Japan.



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