Desktop Organizer

I have been fiddling around with desktop background for some years now.  For a while it was a picture of Buckminster Fuller:

Then I got tired of looking at him and I suspected he was sick of looking at me too.  I found myself moving folders around so I wouldn't cover up his face (because that's just rude) and so I switched to a nice backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Alas, that made me want to head off to Whistler for a weekend of snowboarding, so I had to switch again.  Also, my blue folders kept getting lost in the icy waters of Lake Louise.  I flip-flopped back and forth between various pictures of nature, my son, stock MacBook photos and cars (I have no idea why, I hate cars).  Eventually, I got sick of changing and rethought the whole purpose of a desktop photo.  Why can't it work with me instead of against me?

Here is what I came up with last night at about 11:30pm (yes, this is what I do in my spare time).  I went into PowerPoint and made some nice neat boxes, gave them labels that made sense to me and would allow me to neatly organize all my folders and icons.  Then, I saved it as a JPEG image and set it as my desktop image.

Desktop Organizaer

VOILA!  Problem solved.  Desktop organized.  All I do now is throw the icons into the necessary box and I can easily find them.  When you save or download something new, it goes to the top empty position, which is a white strip to the right of the boxes.  From there, I drag it to the proper folder.

I can't believe I wasted a half an hour of my life thinking about this.


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