January 25 - Making Inference with Metaphor

Today we played a fun game.  We went outside and looked for an object to describe.  Once we had a found an object that was acceptable (not to obvious, not to obscure; this was a great way to add some new words to our word wall!) we went back inside and tried to explain our object using Metaphor.  For this we used the five senses and wrote one metaphor about our object for each sense:

Sight: Like a helicopter in motion

Sound: As silent as the night

Smell: Like a summers breeze

Taste: Like sticking your head out of a fast moving car

Feel: More dangerous that a million knives

Once we had our metaphors sheets completed; we exchanged them and tried to make inferences about what the object was.  Then, we exchanged again and again, until we had seen all items in the classroom.  Once we had viewed all of them, one-by-one we stood up and shared our work with the class, and listened to constructive criticism and feedback from our peers.

The metaphor above was written by TW.  Can you guess what it is?


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