January 17 - Creativity

Utterly brilliant. I know it is about ten years old now, but it still applies to our world. For Education and teachers, Ken Robinson paints a great portrait of what the end product of education should look like. Though he doesn't go into specific details about how to fix education (aside from the big idea theories; which I think is enough), he gives enough evidence that creativity is a vital part of human ecology to keep a creative teacher going. The idea of cross subject (trans-disciplinary learning, or integration of subjects) has been catching on in the education world for the last decade. It is now the standard for most Teacher Training Universities in the world to teach this type of pedagogy. Hopefully, the methods get better, the teachers get more informed and passionate, and everybody wins. That being said, the world isn't as simple as that, and things are constantly changing. My favorite quote, and the thing that has made my mind think the most is;

"We are educating children for a world of work into which they will enter in about 20 years, and we cannot even predict what the world will look like in 5 years."

Food for thought


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