January 14 - PE class; Science and Snow Shoes

There is a lot of snow where we live.  In order to better use our environment, and to have nature as our teacher, we decided today that we would take our PE class outside and try some experimentation in the snow.  We broke it down to two basic experiments:

1.  Step in a batch of fresh snow with your boots on and measure the hole.  Then, step in another patch of fresh snow with you snowshoe on and measure the hole.  Record depth and make observations.

2. Make a course through a patch of deep snow and run it with your boots on.  Time the results and record.  Then, find another course and run it with snow shoes on.  Record the time.  Make comparisons and observations.

It was a lot of fun, though a bit chilly.  And guess what; snow shoes really do work!  Here is a snippet of our results:


Though the difference in time does not really tell us much, we concluded that this was due to our inexperience using snowshoes.  We all concluded that, despite our inexperience, that running and walking in snowshoes was much easier in deep snow than our boots.  Next week, we will look at why.


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