January 13 - Math Problem of the Day

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this question was.  It was so incredibly difficult and challenging, but all the students stuck with it and gave it a go.  There are so many levels on this.  What a puzzle!  I need to make more of these.

You have a full-time job in the summer vacation months of July and August; and you save all the money you make in an account at the bank.

You do odd jobs and gardening 4 days a week.  For each job you do, you receive $12.  It takes you an hour and a half to complete a job, and there are about 9 hours of good sunlight a day.  Your mother will not let you work more than 9 hours a day.

At the end of the summer; how much money will you have in your savings account?

Try this as a lesson in perseverance and organization.


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