January 11 - I finally caved...

It feels good to be back in my classroom, even though there is no running water, the heaters are blowing cold air, and there is a metre of snow outside.  I feel strangely, comfortable.

I finally caved and gave into my students demands.  They had been bugging me to set up a class reward system based on money since the beginning of the year.  I have resisted because I would rather the motivation to learn come from exciting and challenging projects, rather than a reward system.  As a teacher, I have never used such a system and thought I never would.  Until now.

One of my boys gave a passionate speech and assured me the this would be a valuable learning opportunity.  He told me that it would not be a reward system, but rather a way of building responsibility and practicing math skills.  As a class we brainstormed some ideas and came up with the following rules and regulations:

What is the purpose?
-        Related to real life; getting used to handling and spending money
-        Helps our math
-        Budget and Saving; planning
-        Responsibility
How do you get money?
-        Reading Log; daily
-        Weekly reading total is ? (Goal Setting)
-        Friday is payday; shop is open once a week
-        Ask me About Book; daily
-        School Job Board; other teachers can post odd jobs to be done
-        Tidy Desk and Boxes; daily before home time
What do you do with the money?
-        Buy Computer Time
-        Stuffed Animals and Decorations for your desk
-        Snacks
-        Upgrade Chairs
-        Shelf next to your desk
-        Land
-        Manga from Mr. D's collection

We came up with prices for all of these, and how much we will get paid for each task. We also designed our own money (Ninja Duckies, or Ducks, for short) on PowerPoint, and then we all went to the art room to make our own wallets out of cloth and hot-glue.


Today was only a half day, so this took up our entire time together!  I had other things planned but we will get to them tomorrow.  For now, I am hopeful that this new system with actually show some merit.  That being said, today was a day full of great learning and organization skills, and we had a great math problem arise from our money design.

We have four types of Duckie bills; 500, 1500, 3000, 8000

I have four bills in my pocket and the total is 8000.  What four bills do I have in my pocket?


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